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 Halo reach paintball tournament

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Halo reach paintball tournament Empty
PostSubject: Halo reach paintball tournament   Halo reach paintball tournament EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 8:42 am

Hey whats up and for the rest of the year we will be hosting a paintball tournament. if you have a clan and you want to be in it and verse other clans than this is the right topic to read. this will be hosted for ever.... i hope. anyways if you want to be in the tournament send ScK o MaGiiKs a friend request thets my other account my main is Xv Gustavio1 vX anyways i will message you when we have enough clans it will look something like this "Hello the competition will be starting soon the first 2 clans will be Team Nightmare vs Team FNG if you are ready please come to my game immediatly." ok and Team Nightmare is my clan and FNG is my friends so dont worry about that.


1. you guys choose weather to play KOTH ( King Of The Hill) or CTF (Capture The Flag) or Elimination Just team salyer WARNING: ITS 1 SHOT ONE KILL.

2. dont quit in the middle of the game

3. their will be 5 rounds i will ad up the scores of each round each team got

4. you get to choose what map you want to play thats made by me

5. have fun

6. no prizes rewarded sorry
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Halo reach paintball tournament
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