The Exotic Forgers halo 3 forum. here you can post your halo 3 maps and game variants for free and to do that you must sign up free.
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 how to post your maps on this website

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how to post your maps on this website Empty
PostSubject: how to post your maps on this website   how to post your maps on this website EmptyFri Oct 29, 2010 4:36 pm

1st. to post your maps you have to have a account.

2nd. you have to have the map/game varient in your file share at all times unless you take it down off the website or your file share.

3rd. go to your account then click on your file share and clixk on the map you want to upload here.

4th. copy the page link.

5th. go back to this website and lcik on the category that yours belongs to. DO NOT POST IT UNDER THE "GENERAL" FORUM POST IT UNDER HALO REACH MAPS OR HALO 3 MAPS.

6th. look under the home tab at the top of the site and click NEW TOPIC and then a message box will pop up with smiley face on the left at the top of the message box in the single line type the map name.

7th. in the big paragraph line write a sentence or 2 about your map. then paste your map link and game variant.


hello here is my new map i made its an infection map made by me an my friend. and we would like you to download it and check it out. links are below!!!

map download here > ( Paste your map ink here )

game variant downlaod here > ( Paste your game variant here ) Very Happy
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how to post your maps on this website
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